22 June 2018

NearFuture.info goes live!

At last I have found a cheap (FREE) web hosting service (000webhost.com) and connected it up to NearFuture.info.

NearFuture.info was populated on the night of 7/8 June 2018.

In the subsequent fortnight:

  • the _protect folder was protected with username/password and populated;
  • the king family tree had the living people moved to _protect and the entries in the king folder adjusted to hide the details of the living.

So at last I have published my website; the site that I have been working on for 15 years! Actually, parts of the website were held in stand-alone documents many years older than that. It is only when I was able to carry around a mini computer (then a monochrome pocket pc) that I brought all the documents that were important to me together as a coherent website, and it became a useful way to add important notes and thoughts.

Research into my family tree began in earnest in 2003 when my father died and this was soon added to the website with the aid of the Legacy family tree program (and a little, cleaver HTML knowledge to really tie the pages in). The main king family tree took nearly 10 years to bring together - about five years ago now.

During this time I continued to work on the future section of the website. Bringing together the original documents that I had written as part of the Dave/Colin group and expanding them into the rough format that still exists today. Finally understanding the full realisation of this work around the same time - about five years ago now.

Part way through working on the future section (about 2007), it became apparent that England was in for a dunking, literally. And this, together with an urge to retire and do something different, led me to think about emigrating when I retired. This quickly led to the France section of the website where I started to gather together information that I saw as important to know (and therefore keep). Within two years the France section was huge and I realised there was nothing like it on the web at all!

It was sometime during the early build of the France section that I realised I had enough important stuff gathered to warrant the thought of publishing to the world. I had serious problems letting my family know what I had discovered about the future and about the family tree. There was no place I could hold my website other than locally to me - I mainly worked upon (and held) it at work but carried as reference on my pocket pc and eventually my phone. The only thing I could do was to send small files on floppy disk to Bev to view.

The website didn't see the outside world until I had a smart phone and used Google accounts as backups of my data. Originally I was against this but it became apparent that the only logical way forward was to use external storage - and that meant either downloading to a pc or being held in the ether.

I saw a cheap sale of .info web domains five years ago and brought NearFuture.inf, it wasn't until I accidentally found a link for free web hosting that it got published. It could easily still be waiting...