05 August 2017

Doing things right

I must start to post links to news items that I read. I get so many supplied by Google Now that I read them, save some of them and never get to add them to the website. If I'd posted links at least you both can read them too...

26 July 2017

The Sun's twin

When I started my research the subject of the sun's twin, Nemesis, was confined to the outer fringes of science. Now it's been confirmed that all stars are born as twins, ours included. The chances are that Nemesis drifted away millions of years ago as there has been a detailed search for it recently, but if it's out in the Oort Cloud now it may have been missed.

More on this on the website soon...

28 June 2017

Coming true

I have some pdf news stories that begin to corroborate some of the possibilities I have collected. Watch for changes to my Foretold page...

Slowly but surely science is agreeing with the stories I have collected.

It has to be coming - there's no other logical conclusion to draw!

New Google Web site

I've made good progress in creating a website in Google Sites. Follow the link here: https://sites.google.com/site/nearfutureinfo/

Finally a chance for the world to read what is coming!

25 May 2017

I do have to get going again

I have a file for you to read. My workings is saved as a PDF. It'll take you through my steps of discovery and the few huge coincidences​ I encountered.

30 April 2017

Slow or stopped?

I still haven't done anything. But I did see an interesting article in the press:


This article's about a video warning, as the url suggests. Interestingly it warns the events will be caused by God before the Rapture, and the only way to survive will be by following Jesus Christ.

This is another take on the Christian end of times -- it talks about recent blood moons being the warning of the 'The Warning of Garabandal'.

So there are more nutters about than just me! It uses all the ingredients and the 3 days are days that the world will not rotate. I kind of hope they are wrong...

But it does go to show that I'm on the same hym sheet, so to speak.

17 February 2017

I'm slow

I've been ill lately and have completely lost direction again. Apparently I have OSA, which does account for my disinterest; thank goodness, I was beginning to wonder what was up. Anyhow, I'm going for treatment next week so I hope I'll notice a dramatic difference...