06 December 2016

I have updated my Facebook group and removed all the old downloadable files. Until the website is up and running, downloadable pages will be available in the discussion forum.

I'm slowly getting the hang of the forum and the blog, and the blog app for android. I wish I could say the same for Google sites. The new one seems quite straight forward, but it screwed up during the creation of my first page! No way forward and no way back... The original sites uses HTML, I'm OK with that but I don't want to have to build a new site from scratch. I have a site I've built (for me) in simple HTML and JavaScript. Can I bring this into sites? No. I'm not happy.

04 December 2016

I didn't manage to get the invitation emails to arrive though. But I did find out how to make someone a member of the forum. And now we are two.

02 December 2016

Wheehee! I managed to invite someone to the discussion forum last night (about 1am!) And this morning I posted two posts with accompanying files. A great step forward as the files were pdf's of two of my web pages - the serious ones, predictions and my prediction (basically the start and the conclusion of my study of the future).

01 December 2016

Hopefully, I'm nearing the final solution: I have a google discussion forum opened to discuss (web) pages of information. This is where Joe Public can put their ideas forward. I have (in the interim) a google site to present my web site. And for completeness I have opened a Facebook group. For the time being I'll use this set of sites to see how things transpire.
I'm getting some idea of what I'm doing now. I'll use this blog as a blog; a step by step narrative of what I am doing to the NEAR FUTURE INFO collection of sites. As such it'll be a place to bring the story together and to let everyone know what is changing...
I'm having a struggle figuring out how to plan my media attack on the world. I have a web site that I hold locally on my phone and this is where I keep my findings and my thoughts. But I want to expand...

The NEAR FUTURE INFO collection of sites is growing but without a clearly defined plan. The lack of a plan is mainly down to the fact that I don't know what is out there (in cyber land) to help me build a cohesive set of tools to put forward my thesis.

I have the obvious, a domain, NearFuture.Info has been mine for some years not but it is unpublished. My original thought was to simply publish my local site to this domain. But I'm a bit tight (in the wallet department) and don't like to pay my domain handler any more money than necessary: Why should I pay for hosting? Why should I pay for web building tools when I have a nice simple site in HTML that I have built myself? So I haven't done anything. Not what I was planning when the .info sites came on the market.

The I discovered Google bits. And I started this blog with the intention of using it to publish my web pages for free. But, of course, it isn't that easy. The blog setup is not for publishing web pages and doesn't lend itself to that sort of format. I initially tried to use it as a discussion forum and to post my web pages as pdf files for download. But this isn't what a blog is built for either. So now I have this blog and I don't know what to do with it!!!!!